About me

I live in Alaska in what is currently the coldest place on Earth.  I’m a grad student so I spend my days memorizing things and playing with acid.  I like writing, music, hiking, and lots of other things that I have no time for anymore.  The two things I love most in the world are my family and ideas that have no practical value.

I graduated in 2007 from Wheaton College, where I became an atheist and wrote the blog Leaving Eden.  Being an atheist is now one of the least important things about me.

Since 2013, I am now blogging at INTP Mom.

You can email me at peacefulatheist (at) gmail.com.


7 thoughts on “About me

  1. margyc

    I’m glad to see you are writing again. You write so beautifully; this is the third blog of yours I’ve visited.

    Wow, Alaska. You’ll soon be in the midst of your first winter there, which is bound to be harsh. I hope it isn’t too hard on you.

    Gotta run now, but I’ll enjoy catching up with you in the weeks ahead!

  2. Andy Schwab

    I am glad to see you writing again too. I am a sophomore at Wheaton, and a friend showed me your Leaving Eden blog last winter. I followed with great interest, and was wondering where you ended up. (Alaska – awesome choice! I have alwasy wanted to work up there too!)

    I am not an atheist, nor even leaving towards it, but I find many of your blogs challenging and interesting.

    So, in a way, thank you.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Edward T. Babinski

    Hi Peaceful,

    I would like to see someone edit a book of testimonies by college students who left the fold, preferably at a Christian college or who have devout parents, such as the son of creation evangelist Walter Brown who left the fold and last I heard was obtaining an advanced degree in chemistry, also Mat Green, I think I’ve heard about others, have to check past emails. A new freethought group was founded at Furman U. recently by a female student who left the fold.

    Such a collection of testimonies would have a good chance of being published by the Campus Freethought Alliance, via Prometheus Books.

  4. Camels With Hammers

    It is a great idea, Edward. Having also been a devout Evangelical who left the fold while at a Christian college I find the stories of people who did similarly immensely interesting and encouraging. It’s such an alienating experience to go through. It’s a relief to find others who have been through it.

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  6. marissa

    intrigued by your postings.. I’m currently at a Christian university…azusa pacific, more specifically….and will actually be honest for the first time at school, explicitly, regarding faith in divinity–or lack of, in a biology faith integration paper. It’s…liberating.

  7. brentmd

    I graduated from Wheaton in 98 and have been exploring the idea of atheism. It would be great to have a support group as I feel pretty isolated.


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