small talk

Now and then I like to spend a few minutes perusing  This always results in me laughing out loud because seeing other people say exactly what’s in my head makes me realize how funny it is.  Even the subject titles make me laugh because I know where they’re coming from: “Expression…it’s….uh…..something…”   “Small talk – how the hell do you do it?”   “How on earth do you know you ‘love’ someone?”  So INTP.

Here are some funny and true comments from the “small talk” thread:

I can’t seem to get past square one – never can think of the first few questions to ask, and never can successfully pretend I’m interested if I find the topic boring.

I usually think of the most boring, normal questions, and then end up not even listening to the response because it’s oh, just so dull.

I can’t really think of any issues I care about, that I could discuss with a person I’m not that close to. And then my complete lack of patience steps in, the thought of having to go through a few rounds of small talk before it becomes socially acceptable to talk about something I really care about gets me completely demoralized, so I usually just sigh and give up.

I used to think I was warm and friendly, but eventually I realised that if someone says something that doesn’t interest me or prompt a reply, any expression is dropped from my face and I don’t respond.

Small talk sucks so much ass.

It’s not that I never care about “small” topics of conversation, but I care about them much less often than big topics.  It’s kind of backwards.  The mark of a friendship is when I can tolerate and even enjoy small talk.


3 thoughts on “small talk

  1. Tuffy

    That’s funny. I’m the same way. Small talk with people I don’t know/ care too much about is so incredibly annoying. I’m usually just trying to get out of there as soon as possible.

  2. 1sidedoctogon

    small talk with strangers totally blows, I agree…I typically use it in awkward conversations with those I know in order to illuminate the fact that something–whatever it is we are avoiding, should be addressed—and fast or I will continue to drone on with the purposeless chit-chat.

  3. TommyP

    Oh geez what an awesome forum! I feel like I just found a bunch of people like me. Thank you for pointing it out. Good luck with your work stuff! Best wishes.


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