let’s add some mediocrity

I get blogger’s block after not posting anything for awhile.  I often feel like I have an obligation to only blog about important, serious things.  Other times, I want to blog about ordinary things, but they never seem to get past my frivolity filter.  In this and many situations in life, I recall the inspiring words of my college choir director: “There is enough mediocrity in the world.  Let’s not add to it.”  Which is all the more true when it comes to the internet.

Still, the longer I go between posts, the more pressure I feel to post something really substantial, and the less I want to blog.  I have a number of friends who blog daily or almost daily about their lives, and I’ve occasionally thought about doing the same thing, but what is there to really say about my daily life?  It’s actually pretty boring, and I would probably just end up complaining about the weather a lot.

I recently became interested in personality types and temperaments, and it’s made me realize just how differently people’s minds operate, and how much personality type affects every aspect of life.  I am an INTP, and one significant trait is that I live mostly in my head. My mind is constantly moving, and I see my thoughts clearer than what’s actually around me.  When I reflect on how my day has been, the quality of my thoughts is more a factor than any physical occurrences.  So I figure that the best way to blog about my life is to blog about my thoughts.

This will be an interesting experiment: every day or so, I’ll blog about something random that I’ve thought about.  To decrease the burden of mediocrity, I’m going to delete these frivolous posts after a week or so.  And because as an INTP I don’t like strict rules, I’m not going to promise a post every day.  But I would like to share some of my mental wanderings and update this blog a little more frequently.


2 thoughts on “let’s add some mediocrity

  1. Sarah

    I’m an INTP/J and I totally resonate with your tendency to live in your head. I recently started a daily blog (nevada365.blogspot.com) and I am shocked by how much it has helped me heal and process just to express a little bit of myself every day. i look forward to reading your thoughts. I do love this blog!


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