where you are

I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything meaningful here, and I’m trying to decide what I want this blog to become.  I find that I have less and less to say about atheism and religion, as atheism is no longer much of an issue that stirs debate in my life, and I can focus on other things.
Here’s one of my favorite poems by Mary Oliver that has a lot of meaning for me lately:

Going to Walden

It isn’t very far as highways lie.
I might be back by night fall, having seen
The rough pines, and the stones, and the clear water.
Friends argue that I might be wiser for it.
They do not hear that far-off Yankee whisper:
How dull we grow from hurrying here and there!

Many have gone, and think me half a fool
To miss a day away in the cool country.
Maybe.  But in a book I read and cherish,
Going to Walden is not so easy a thing
As a green visit.  It is the slow and difficult
Trick of living, and finding it where you are.


3 thoughts on “where you are

  1. Josh

    I wonder if this feeling of Atheism not really being an issue anymore is more generalized, as I feel the same way. Perhaps it’s mostly those of us who became atheists from around 2005-2007 have settled down?


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