While I was in the city last week I went to the Anchorage Museum of Art and History.  I’ve really missed going to museums so it was a treat.  One of the art exhibits was Earth, Fire and Fibre, an exhibition of crafts, fabric and metal arts—things like quilts, silk scarves, jewelry, and pottery.  I’m not usually into this kind of art, but it was really well done.  One item that caught my eye was a necklace made of intricate beaded charms embellishing a thick chain.  When I looked closer, I saw that the chain was actually a chain saw blade.  That totally blew me away.  It struck me as a completely genius piece of art.  The necklace was part of a collection of 3 necklaces and a purse made out of materials like drill bits, high caliber bullets, and a pair of scissors used as a pendant.

A rare few pieces of art possess something that makes me feel like I am connected to it.  They almost punch me in the chest with the force of their profundity, like a realization that they contain something that is also in my heart.  The deep undercurrent of thought in that necklace is the kind of thinking with which I aspire to live and view the world.


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