you're also CRAZY sexy, so that's something too

Dinosaur Comics pretty much sums up every interesting thing I ever learned in college.  Fact: I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology, and I cannot label all the parts of a cell.  Yet I do remember that I spent a hell of a lot of time having the exact conversation that T-rex and Utahraptor are having above.  And let me tell you, those conversations were much more useful than the Golgi apparatus.  (Though I can’t say for sure, because I can’t remember anything about the Golgi apparatus except that it is fun to say.)

Speaking of dinosaurs, I know this first-grade boy who is obsessed with them.  He’s homeschooled and I give him lessons in science occasionally; one day we finished our lesson early so he drew some pictures of dinosaurs and told me about them.  As you would expect for a little boy, his favorite dinosaur is T-rex, but he also knows an incredible amount not just about different types of dinosaurs but about their evolution and the evolution of now-extinct prehistoric plants.  So I asked him if he knew anything about early humans.  He said: “Well, there was one, that was before humans, it was an ape that walked upright.  It was called Australopithecus.”  That knocked my socks off!  True, he didn’t exactly say “Australopithecus”– his enunciation isn’t the best, and he still says “aminals” instead of “animals” half the time– but I knew what he meant.


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