coming home

Last week I was in Chicago for the AAAS Annual Meeting.  It was inspiring and enlightening and mind-expanding, and will give me a lot to blog about in the coming days.  You can read about some of the fascinating research on the Findings blog, and I’ll give my commentary as soon as I get myself together and catch up with work.

I had been looking forward to the meeting for a long time, and it was as wonderful as I’d expected.  I also had great visits with a handful of college friends, and enjoyed taking in things I can’t get at home like art and music.  But I’ll tell you a secret: a major reason why I was looking forward to my trip to Chicago so much was because I was looking forward to coming home afterward.

Coming home is simply one of the greatest things in the world.  It’s one of the things I have wished for the most: to arrive somewhere and feel that this was my final destination.  To have a place where I am present without effort, where both the past and the future come to rest at a place that is mine.

There are no fireworks for me here, nothing spectacular or extraordinary, no mountaintop moments.  There is simply a steady peace in my daily life, a quietness and calm contentment.  And that quiet peace is absolutely thrilling.  It gives me a wild, crazy joy that feels like being in love.  I feel at home under this piece of sky.

I am discovering over and over, to great surprise, that it is possible to find what you’re looking for.


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