I want to say, to anyone who thinks that God is your only hope for recovery, for justice, for redemption, that he is not. Whatever impossible thing you are facing or have faced, there is such a thing as healing apart from religion. There is such a thing as redemption from suffering and injustice. These things are possible, and you do not have to wait for heaven or for a miracle to see it.

I have suffered. I have survived something that really sucks. For a long time, I’ve taken Matthew 5:4 as the theme verse for my life. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

As a Christian, I was comforted with the thought that justice and healing would come one day, with the kingdom of heaven. But now, I have seen more than mere comfort. I have seen the beginning of healing. I have seen that nothing reasonable is hopeless, and we don’t have to depend on God for wrongs to be righted.


3 thoughts on “hope

  1. Santiago

    I’d say that one of the dangers of religion is that it tells you that God will help you, God will make everything alright, the power of prayer is limitless and so on.
    There is no God though, and if you have a problem, the only person you can rely on solving it is yourself. I think a lot of religious people underestimate just how tough people can become when you have no faith, and you’ve lived your life trying to solve your problems, without asking for outside intervention.

  2. Lily Post author

    Santiago, I disagree that “the only person you can rely on solving it is yourself”. Help comes from many sources.
    I hear a lot of Christians say that they are too weak to let go of reliance on God. But I don’t think you have to be “tough” to be an atheist; I think you just need to have faith in humanity and in goodness.

  3. Helen

    Lily, thanks for posting about hope.

    When I started questioning whether God exists I needed to find a source of hope other than ‘God’s promises in the Bible’.

    I did, just as you did.

    I also agree that help comes from many sources.


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